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Today We Celebrate Same-sex Marriage

Today We Celebrate Same-sex Marriage


Yes, today is the day! We are so proud of our progressive LGBT+ laws, including same-sex marriages (since 2009), adoption laws (since 2003). Same-sex marriage in Sweden has been legal since 1 May 2009, following the adoption of a new gender-neutral law on marriage by the Swedish Parliament on 1 April 2009, making Sweden the seventh country in the world to open marriage to same-sex couples nationwide.

According to Statistics Sweden, more women than men includes same-sex marriage. Among those who were in same-sex marriage at the end of 2017, 56% were women and 44% were men. In total, this is about 12 158 people. It can be compared with 1,547 people during the premiere year 2009, which still tops the statistics with the most number of married people.

The peak was the year 2009 when 1 547 people entered into a joint marriage was followed by three years of the reduced number of same-sex marriages. Since then, the number has increased five years in a row, except for 2017, when we have seen a decrease of nine percent. This was mainly due to the fact that the number of men who got married decreased by 20 percent. The men accounted for just over a third of the marriage, which is the biggest gender difference since 1995. Then it was the men who were in the majority, three-quarters of all registered partnerships were between two men.

Same-sex marriage is increasingly common here in Sweden, which we are very happy and proud of. We can’t wait for more couple to fall in love! Do you need help to organize your next ceremony or honeymoon? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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