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Single Travel - Essential Tips for Planning a Solo Trip


Many people are anxious and not ready to travel alone, but it is well known that traveling alone supports character, self-esteem, and one´s view of the world. People who have never traveled alone before, describe the first solo trip almost as a religious experience. But traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. Today, we´d like to share some tips with you on how to make solo traveling easy and enjoyable.


  • You can take breaks when you want to and pour it on when you feel like that. You can always do what you want to do and that all the time. You just can go at your own pace.
  • You´ll become more creative.
  • It will force you to solve your problems by yourself.
  • It can improve your mental health. You´ll learn to live more in the moment and enjoy time alone.
  • You can detox from technology.
  • You will get out of your comfort zone.
  • It will teach you independence. That´s especially good for young students who were always used to it that their parents do everything for them.
  • You can meet new people more easily. When you are traveling with your friends, you rather talk to strange people, but when you are alone, you are more open to that.

The only thing you have to worry about is safety. Without anyone watching your back, you have to be more conscious about criminals. Here are some safety tips for traveling alone:

  • Book a hotel with a 24-hour front desk if you’ll be arriving late, so you don’t end up sleeping in your car or worse.
  • Stick to open and public places, especially at night.
  • Avoid appearing like a tourist.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothes or jewelry.
  • Check your maps and transportation schedules before leaving your hotel/train/rental car/tourist office.
  • One of the best things about solo traveling is meeting new people, but you have to pay attention to who you can trust and who not.


  • When eating out, talk to the service people. They are mostly friendly and they may give you some insider tips for the city.
  • Choose cafés and restaurants where more people are sitting alone or working on their laptops. You´ll feel less lonely.
  • Always bring your book with you and when you don´t know what to do alone, sit down, get a coffee, and read a bit.
  • Book an Airbnb and stay at someone´s apartment. You will not feel anxious when not staying alone at the accommodation and maybe you will become friends and do something together.


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